Recovery- transcendence, a
transformation, slivering off
of damage and peeling off
of scars; scars that
once burned and ached,
a fiery reminder of a
time when vulnerability
led to a delirium in your
senses, tossing and
turning in the bed of
nightmares of never
returning to normalcy;
but finding solace
in interminable
agony, comfort
in maladies; recovery is hope
taking flight from an
imbroglio of crippling
helplessness, a
calm in your frenzied
veins inflamed by the
wars fought but lost
to a merciless
reality; recovery is
lessons learnt and
unlearnt, it is
a one way route
to finding yourself
and never


One comment

  1. mukul chand · April 22, 2016

    lovely poetry


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