The storm leaves me in ruins, a
delirium that ink can’t define, my heart
thumps to the narcotics that I
gulped down with fervor, garnished
with a carefully curated intoxication, a
storm in the wilderness of my senses,
the lightning leaves brazing reminders
of everything that leaves me in shivers-
(deaths, unkept promises and
unkempt souls and the likes)
flashing like fireworks
in the dead darkness of my heart,
the wind, oh the wind scrapes my
rotten pieces off my parched skin,
only to bare me to the perspicacity
of reality, the rain silences
the commotions of empty graveyards
in my veins where
the restless souls of unfinished
stories walk, the sky at war with
itself, sending a fever down my spine,
warm, just enough to keep my
cold dead heart alive.



  1. Phoenix @ · May 5, 2016

    Your poetry takes my breath away. 🙂


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