One for the evening of 9/7/16- part 2

Her eyes brimmed of the dying light
of the setting sun, her touch syncopating
my heartbeat to hers, her thoughts ran wild
in the secrecy of her mind leaving me looking
for clues, a little help to unravel the mystery
that she is. ‘your chaos will always find a home
in me’, I say to her and she smiles at me, sadly,
almost in mockery of the indignity of my attempt,
said, ‘we need to not fall in love with sadness,’
but little did she know she was the sadness and
I had already fallen in love with her.


One for the evening of 9/7/16- part 1

The music wafted through the graveyard of
whiskey breaths, each note trembling upon
our skin, whisking us away into the reel of
long lost memories, unanswered questions
hang in the air like mist in a winter morning,
gleefully fogging our thoughts; the smoke
pouring out of our parted lips a brazing
a reminder of the promise of an escapade, the
pain, numbed by a deceptive high, screams to be
heard, and burns like a wildfire through the night
as the ashes settle along the rough edges of
our hearts.

exhaustion is me.

etched in my skin like a map, embellished with pit stops at each of my scars.
the soot of my sins stain me with a lack of remorse, my body a temple ravaged by the skeletons of its own closet.

life exhausts me. pain is the new pleasure, indicative of reality. happiness is not real. it is an ephemeral delusion, a signal that life is rolling downhill and the slope is just about to get steeper.

and steeper.

and steeper.

until your life collapses under its own weight, reality pulling it towards itself with the force of gravity. you go down, back to where you started.

life comes to a full circle.